Laser Therapy in Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy

North Boulder Physical Therapy, Boulder, Colorado

At North Boulder Physical Therapy, our philosophy is to provide every patient with the latest and most innovative treatments, including laser therapy in physical therapy and hand therapy. After a successful trial where we offered laser therapy to our patients in 2014, we decided to invest in the technology.

During our trial, we performed laser therapy as part of both physical and hand therapy programs. We found that many of our patients requested laser on their next visit. When asked why, they stated that they were pleased with the decrease in pain and increase in mobility when the laser was used on the same treatment day as manual therapy and exercise. These findings proved that the laser would be a valuable modality for tissue healing and provide you with tangible, therapeutic benefits.

How Does Laser Therapy in Physical Therapy and Hand Therapy Work?

This method works through photonic (light) energy absorption by chromophores (cytochrome c), which are organelles inside your mitochondria. The Cytochrome C gets excited by the light and produces ATP which is a form of energy that runs our bodies. The ATP then fuels physiological responses that result in improved normal cell function. Your body also uses the ATP energy to absorb nutrients, excrete toxins and repair cell tissue.

Laser therapy provided by North Boulder Physical Therapy is approved by the FDA for the following:

  • Arthritis
  • Muscle spasms
  • Relieving muscle stiffness
  • Promoting muscle relaxation
  • Temporarily increasing blood flow

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