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Skiing and Snowboarding Fitness Training

Don’t let an injury ruin a fun trip to the mountains. North Boulder Physical Therapy offers skiing and snowboarding fitness training at both of our locations in town. We’ll help to ensure that you’re safe and ready to take on the slopes.

Because age, fitness level and a simple lack of practice can all contribute to your risk of injury, we’ve designed a program to address any issues that could force you off the mountain because of a banged-up knee. Our skiing and snowboarding fitness training starts with a 45-minute fitness test that will assess:

  • Cardiovascular Flexibility
  • Plyometric Ability/Control
  • Strength
  • Balance
  • Ski/Snowboard Specific Strength

From this test, we will determine your skill level – beginner, intermediate or advanced. To address any deficits, our trained staff will teach you fitness exercises that will improve your strength and skills, as well as help you prevent falls and subsequent injuries such as torn ligament in your knee (ACL tear).

After completing your exercise regimen in 8 weeks, you can retake the portion of the test that showed the deficit to determine if you’re ready for the slopes. Whether you live in Boulder or other local areas, we welcome you to either of our North Boulder Physical Therapy locations for skiing and snowboarding fitness training.

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