Custom Orthotics

NB Physical Therapy, Louisville, Colorado

For custom orthotics, come see us at our NB Physical Therapy location in Louisville for an evaluation, treatment and either laboratory or in-house fabrication. Our therapists have undergone specialized training in gait biomechanics and have years of experience evaluating and fitting patients of all ages with the right orthotic for their specific needs.

What are Custom Orthotics?

Designed to support and control foot motions, custom orthotics are a personalized insole used to affect your knee, hip, pelvis and back. Based on the needs of each patient, a variety of materials may be used. A firm insole creates control and support, while softer materials are shock-absorbent and comfortable.

All components will be matched according to your diagnosis, age and activity level. If we recommend the use of orthotics, we can accommodate every shoe type and individual need. We can ensure they’ll fit your dress shoes and sneakers. We offer full or partial length, rigid, semi-rigid or soft. If an orthotic is not required, we will still advise you on footwear and possibly using an over the counter insole.

Looking for Custom Orthotics in Louisville?

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What to Expect at NB Physical Therapy

Our custom orthotics service package includes a one-hour appointment where a therapist will take a casted impression of your foot and perform a full biomechanical assessment. This allows us to pinpoint your exact issues and dysfunctions, as well as create an orthotic device that fits your foot properly.

If we fabricate your custom orthotics in-house, you’ll receive them in as little as one week. Devices sent out to be fabricated by a laboratory will take about a month. With either method, all orthotics are made using the latest technology, techniques and materials to provide you with a durable orthotic that offers greater biomechanical control and shock-absorbing capabilities.

Once your orthotics are ready, we’ll have you come in for a fitting appointment where we’ll discuss a usage schedule, shoe wear and answer any questions you might have. Because orthotics are just one component of your rehabilitation, we will also continue any manual therapy, exercise and movement education to ensure a successful return to daily activity.

What is Video Gait Analysis?

Video is an effective tool to show our physical therapists how you move. At NB Physical Therapy, we can watch you walk and run, with/without shoes, with/without orthotics. A replay of your motions can then be analyzed frame-by-frame to find faulty positions or movement timing. This information often allows us to determine the cause of your issue and what type of custom orthotics you will need. It also provides valuable, real-time biofeedback that can be used to further support your rehabilitation.