Geriatric Physical Therapy

NB Physical Therapy, Louisville, Colorado

Did you know that NB Physical Therapy is in-network with Medicare? This allows us to offer you the geriatric physical therapy needed to maximize your quality of life by addressing issues related to past injuries, chronic conditions, genetics and age. We’ll develop a personalized program with the goal of helping you live independently in your own home throughout the coming decades.

Our highly experienced staff at NB Physical Therapy will take care of processing and billing Medicare, as well as any secondary insurance that you might carry. In our experience, geriatric physical therapy is actually advocated by Medicare because it can help prevent issues and incidents such as falls which lead to intensive and costly medical intervention down the road.

To begin geriatric physical therapy with us, you will simply need a prescription from your physician or physician’s assistant, a nurse practitioner or chiropractor.

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How Can Geriatric Physical Therapy Help You?

NB Physical Therapy offers you our expertise in several distinct areas:

  • Orthopedic specialists will evaluate and treat your pain, muscles, joints and bones.
  • Neurology specialists will evaluate and treat stroke, concussion (TBI), MS, MD, Parkinson’s and other conditions related to movement and gait/balance difficulties.
  • For our patients experiencing the side effects of cancer and/or cancer treatment, we have staff specializing in lymphedema, peripheral neuropathy and orthopedic care.

With a wide variety of geriatric physical therapy treatments available for a wide variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions, we will start with a full exam to determine your strengths and deficits.

  • Pain in your lower back or sciatica will point to the need for our therapists to examine and address issues that affect your posture, balance, gait, muscle tone, spinal stability, hip strength, as well as spine and hip flexibility.
  • For age-related issues that affect symmetry and function, we’ll take the tried and true approach that “motion is lotion”. We’ll focus on helping you keep active at an appropriate level, whether it’s hiking in the Colorado mountains or simply walking to the mailbox.
  • Complaints with the legs can be attributed to a lack of symmetry of gait, stiffness, weakness, and balance issues. Because pain leads to increasing weakness and stiffness, we will give you reasonable and personalized home exercises to restore your strength and reduce stiffness.
  • If you have lost shoulder motion it may cause arm issues, triggering pain and forcing you to use abnormal compensations. By restoring function and proper shoulder movement, NB Physical therapy can help you reduce or eliminate this type of pain.
  • Decreased neck motion can lead to an increase in headaches, posture issues, and difficulty turning your head to drive safely. With geriatric physical therapy, this motion can be regained.

When there are pains and other physical barriers to playing golf or tennis, to hiking, swimming or just walking, NB Physical therapy can be a big benefit to you. We’ll help you get back to Yoga, Pilates, Zumba, Tai Chi or Silver Sneakers. We’ll provide exercises that help restore your entire body’s health, even improving your GI system and sleep issues.

The list of what goals you may wish to achieve is long. Let geriatric physical therapy from NB Physical Therapy in Louisville help you age more comfortably and actively.