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Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy Therapy

NB Physical Therapy, Louisville, Colorado

At our NB Physical Therapy office in Louisville, we help a number of people who suffer from a diabetic nerve disorder called peripheral diabetic neuropathy. These patients typically experience a loss of protective sensation in their foot and lower leg which can lead to poor position sense (proprioception) and issues with balance. In fact, compared to people of the same age, diabetic neuropathy patients are 15 times more likely to have problems with falling. Other symptoms include:

  • Decreased feeling in your feet and ankles
  • Circulation issues and wounds that won’t heal
  • Changes in walking causing wasting leg muscles
  • Debilitating tingling, numbness and pain

Many of these symptoms are disruptive enough that they can prevent long walks or exercise, shorten your ability to play golf, and otherwise decrease many of the activities you enjoy in life. By coming to NB Physical Therapy, there’s hope and there’s help.

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Peripheral Diabetic Neuropathy Therapy

While some doctors and even other physical therapists might not have an answer for you, NB Physical Therapy is leading the way with an exciting new therapy. We are the first and only provider of Anodyne Therapy.

Let’s discuss how peripheral diabetic neuropathy therapy works.

This painless treatment method uses eight flexible pads fitted with light-emitting diodes. We’ll apply the pads to your lower legs and feet, directly on the skin. The concept is that contact between your skin and these monochromatic infrared pads allows photo energy to help release a free radical called nitric oxide from hemoglobin in the red blood cells. This nitric oxide then increases local microcirculation, delivering much-needed oxygen and nutrients that can positively affect both your nerve function and pain.

At NB Physical Therapy, this new peripheral diabetic neuropathy treatment has already helped many patients from Louisville and beyond. We’re here to support you in achieving your goals, whether you wish to improve sensation or balance, stabilize your walking, prevent falls or help wounds to heal properly. Together, we’ll work towards restoring your active and independent lifestyle.