What is physical therapy for women's health?

Physical therapists specializing in women’s health have advanced training and experience in evaluating and treating chronic and acute conditions that affect women. Physical therapy is often a non-surgical solution that does not involve long-term use of prescription medications. Common women’s health conditions treated with physical therapy include incontinence, pelvic pain, conditions that occur during pregnancy and postpartum and post-mastectomy.

What are the benefits?

Physical therapy for women’s health is a non-surgical treatment option that, in some cases, can eliminate the need for long-term prescription medications. Pregnancy and childbirth can affect posture, joint alignment, flexibility and muscle strength. A treatment plan with a physical therapist may include exercises and stretching to help build muscle, strength and endurance, alleviate pain and help you relax. After a mastectomy, physical therapy can aid in the overall recovery process by helping to regain strength and range of motion in your shoulder and arm. No matter your condition, a physical therapy treatment plan is an individualized care plan tailored to your specific condition and goals.

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