Adult Cerebral Palsy

At North Boulder Physical Therapy we offer services for adult cerebral palsy. Our team of experts can help you or a loved one improve function and mobility, adapt to using assistive devices, address pain, as well as remain active and healthy. By choosing us as your physical therapy team, we will provide personal and specific treatment methods to address any and all areas where you require assistance.

Because adult cerebral palsy is such a broad term, the effects on your motor skills will vary greatly in comparison to others with the disorder. No matter your condition, there are a number of symptoms that may be helped through physical therapy, including:

  • Tightness in your muscles and joints
  • Pain associated with tight muscles, poor posture
  • Muscle weakness and inefficient movement
  • Lack of body coordination, flexibility
  • Speaking difficulties
  • Lack or loss of muscle tone

At North Boulder Physical Therapy, we strive to be a central component of your healthcare and fitness support regimen. If you have adult cerebral palsy, we’ll partner with your doctor, specialist or other therapy professionals to design a program that meets your needs now and in the future.

Physical Therapy for Adult Cerebral Palsy

Many people living with cerebral palsy live sedentary, inactive lives. Your physical therapist will work within your abilities and progress according to your capacity. Their goal is to help you relieve muscle stiffness and the pain or discomfort associated with it. They will help improve mobility, flexibility and your overall health. Your program will likely include:

  • Cardiorespiratory and muscle fitness training. You’ll work on strength and endurance, as well as being able to sustain activities over longer and longer periods of time.
  • Range of motion and joint flexibility. To improve movement, gait, posture and other similar issues, exercises will be designed to address weak or stiff joints.
  • Ongoing training for home-based exercises to help you lead a healthy, active lifestyle. This will also help secondary, chronic conditions from developing over time.

At North Boulder Physical Therapy, we’ve helped many patients with adult cerebral palsy achieve their goals and live more independently. Contact us today and let’s get started on your positive outcome.

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