Degenerative Brain Disorders

There are numerous conditions that fall under the umbrella of degenerative brain disorders, many with symptoms that North Boulder Physical Therapy can help you improve and manage.

Your central nervous system, including the brain and spinal cord, uses billions of neurons to gather and transmit essential information. A significant loss of neurons can greatly hinder the body’s basic ability to function. And unlike other cells, neurons cannot reproduce or regenerate. Any loss of or damage to the neurons is permanent. Degenerative brain disorders are so debilitating because they cause neurons to progressively cease functioning or die off. Common neurodegenerative disorders include:

Degenerative Brain Disorders and Physical Therapy

At North Boulder Physical Therapy, we help patients rehabilitate and manage the symptoms that are linked to various degenerative brain disorders. If you have problems with movement, mobility, dizziness, balance, headaches, vision or sensory problems, and chronic pain, we can assist you.

As our patient, we will provide you with a holistic approach that addresses not only physical issues but emotional and psychological. We want you to not only move better but truly feel better inside and out.

To achieve your goals, we will work with you, your doctors and specialists, as well as your home support team. Your physical therapist will first evaluate your current capabilities and challenges in areas such as movement, strength, function, flexibility, balance and more. From there, they will design a personalized program to help you rehabilitate, adapt and manage the symptoms of the degenerative brain disorder.

Physical therapy for neurodegenerative diseases may include:

  • Ongoing exercise, strength and balance regimens
  • Gait training, independently or with assistive devices
  • Re-teaching of basic movement and activity patterns
  • Assistance with speech, language and swallowing
  • LSVT Big® for smoother, safer movement and function
  • Adapting sports and other recreational activities
  • Splinting, bracing and using specialized equipment

To learn more about North Boulder Physical Therapy and how we help patients with degenerative brain disorders, please contact us today. Let us assist you or a loved with rehabilitation designed just for you.

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