Pilates Therapy and Fitness

Did you know that we offer Pilates therapy and fitness? Our regimen takes a therapeutic approach beyond that of a traditional Pilates studio. It’s a great way to improve your muscle strength, flexibility, balance and more. We offer a variety of classes, so please contact us if you’re interested in joining.

What is Pilates?

Pilates is a method of exercise developed in the early 1900s by German-born Joseph Pilates. He formulated his regimen to include 6 principles: precision, fluidity, breath, control, concentration and centering. His method of exercise focuses on strengthening, stretching, and balancing the whole body. By stabilizing and strengthening the core muscles of the body, Pilates therapy and fitness helps to optimize your body’s performance through a mind-body connection at every task whether it be running a marathon or simply sitting at your desk.

Benefits of Pilates:

  • Improves balance
  • Elongates muscles
  • Improves flexibility
  • Enhances strength
  • Improves coordination
  • Challenging, yet safe (low impact)
  • Improves posture and body awareness
  • Enhances performance
  • Helps prevents injury
  • Improves teenage posture
  • Complements any sport
  • Cardiovascular workout

What is Unique About our Pilates Program?

  • Our Pilates therapy and fitness regimen takes a therapeutic approach
  • Training is led by licensed PTs that are certified Pilates practitioners
  • Provides a better understanding of your body’s overall physical health
  • Individually tailored Pilates sessions can address your specific needs
  • We can provide physical therapy re-evaluations to assess progress

Want to Learn More About Pilates Therapy and Fitness?

This service is available at our Boulder office. Click here for information.

Pilates Therapy and Fitness Programs

Rehab Private Lessons: Individual one-hour lessons that are tailored to meet your exact needs. Rehab-based lessons are more suitable for those who have specific injuries and/or are in pain. Your sessions will include not only rehab-based Pilates, but can include physical therapy techniques as needed.

Wellness Private Lessons: Individual one-hour lessons that are tailored to meet your exact fitness goals. Fitness based lessons are more suitable for those who are looking to improve their overall wellness.

Mat Classes: One hour group lessons that utilize your own body weight with gravity as resistances without the use of equipment. (Limited to 6 participants per session).

Osteoporosis Mat Classes: One hour group lessons for the purpose of protecting the spine from destructive forces during class and enhancing bone density with appropriate exercise as directed by a physical therapist Pilates instructor. You and your doctor will be delighted with your increased bone density. (Limited to 6 participants per session)

Osteoporosis Reformer Classes: One hour group lessons using Pilates equipment while safely protecting the spine and enhancing bone density. (5 participants to a class)

Rehab Level One Reformer Classes: Recommended as a beginner Pilates reformer class or for persons with significant injury that need more instruction and individual modification of exercises. For example, this is perfect after knee or hip replacement/surgery. (5 participants to a class)

Rehab Level Two Reformer Classes: A moderate class using the reformer for persons who have conditions that need modifications or are progressing to a moderate level of difficulty in a safe manner. For example, this is perfect for several months after surgery or injury. It is also designed for chronic pain in the low back, neck, arm or leg. (5 participants to a class)

Fitness Reformer Classes: Classes for persons who are less injured and generally fit, but who prefer individualization during class to meet their fitness goals. Modifications are still made as needed. (5 participants to a class)