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Women’s Health Incontinence Therapy Boulder

If you suffer from incontinence you don’t have to learn to “live with it”.  At North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC, we offer women’s health incontinence therapy in Boulder.  We can put you on the path to regaining control over your bladder.

First you must consult a health care professional who is knowledgeable about evaluation  and treatment of incontinence to rule out other causes.  Once this is done and there are no other underlying issues, we will set up an individual incontinence therapy treatment program that works best for you.
We are one of the largest privately owned PT clinics in Colorado, with over 20 physical and hand therapists.  Our PT’s have your best interest at heart and offer caring compassionate care and treatment.   Trusted by physicians, trainers and the University of Colorado, see why for over 25 years we have been the therapy center to call for women’s health incontinence therapy in Boulder.  Call one of our two locations today.

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