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Located in Louisville and serving the nearby community, NB Physical Therapy specializes in compassionate patient care. Our team will treat your injuries and restore function. We’ll help with rehabilitation after surgery and implement a strategy to prevent further issues. We specialize in treating your needs today, as well as building a foundation for your ongoing wellness.


When you come to our licensed and experienced specialists, you’ll find the support needed to prevent or recover from a chronic or acute condition, genetic dysfunction, age-related degeneration and more. We’ll provide a full evaluation, along with a plan to address pain, improve function and restore mobility.

We treat patients of all ages and abilities using manual therapy techniques (such as massage) along with therapeutic exercises. With the help of NB Physical Therapy in Louisville, you can:

  • Maximize mobility, ensuring greater independence and quality of life
  • Manage issues such as diabetes, heart/lung disease or vascular ailments
  • Reduce or eliminate pain instead of using dangerous drugs and opioids
  • Recover faster from an injury or surgery while reducing risk of relapse
  • Address women’s health issues, age-related issues, stroke and more

If you need help getting back to work, life or sport, NB Physical Therapy in Louisville is here to help. Call or contact us today, and let’s get started.

Services Offered at our Louisville Location

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