Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

At North Boulder Physical Therapy, our team plays a vital role in helping those with multiple sclerosis (MS) rehabilitate and preserve function. We will create a personalized plan to address the wide variety of symptoms and deficits this complex disease presents. Whether you’ve just been diagnosed or have reached advanced levels, we offer the support and care you need for the long-term.

Along with an evaluation of your current function and status, we will work closely with your medical team, specialists, even friends and family to provide a holistic approach to your well-being. We offer a variety of physical therapy regimens for multiple sclerosis (MS) that will help you achieve your goals of regaining or maintaining physical function, personal safety, independence, as well as quality of life.

By choosing North Boulder Physical Therapy to provide you with a treatment plan for multiple sclerosis (MS), we will address any issues that you might be experiencing, including:

  • Function and mobility, including gait and balance
  • Pain, spasticity, or weakness in extremities
  • Posture and trunk control, seated and standing
  • Vision, sensory and cognitive deficiencies
  • Limited range of motion/function in legs, arms and trunk
  • Low energy levels, including severe fatigue

If needed we will introduce you to and educate you on available aids, adaptive equipment and various mobility options. We can also adjust according to your fatigue levels by providing a well-paced regimen that won’t cause overexertion. Your physical therapist may also develop an exercise plan to improve your overall health, as well as correct any specific impairments.

To learn more about how our team at North Boulder Physical Therapy can help you with the symptoms and effects of multiple sclerosis (MS), please contact the nearest office right away to schedule your appointment. We are in-network for numerous insurance carriers, including Medicare.

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