Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services

We take a personal and direct approach to meeting each patient’s health needs, whether the goal is getting over a back pain episode or skiing the bumps. For people with health problems resulting from an injury or disease, your physical therapist will assist you in the recovery process, making you stronger and more mobile, relieving your pain, and helping you to regain use of the injured area or to return to work and recreation.

Our orthopedic physical therapy services treat these issues and much more:

  • Spine rehab of all orthopedic injuries
  • Post-surgical
  • Arm and hand acute and cumulative trauma
  • Headaches and TMJ
  • Arthritis
  • Posture
  • Lymphedema

Our physical therapists are experts at teaching patients what to do to shorten their rehabilitation time. Home exercises and self-care are a part of every patient’s treatment. You can expect a complete evaluation, education on your condition, modern treatment techniques, state of the art equipment and an outstanding physical therapist that will make your rehabilitation a positive experience.

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Orthopedic Physical Therapy Services

Our therapists employ manual physical therapy techniques, to some degree, with all of our orthopedic patients. Manual physical therapy is the hands-on treatment of impairments found during the assessment. The goal is to restore the injured tissues to normal function. All of our physical therapists have advanced training in manual physical therapy.

Manual therapy is combined with exercise to promote:

  • Healthy and efficient joint motion
  • Maximal muscle strength and endurance
  • Coordination of movement with daily activities and recreational sports

Within this approach, techniques employed are:

  • Joint mobilizations in the extremities and spine
  • Myofascial release/soft tissue mobilization
  • Manually resisted exercise techniques
  • Cross-friction massage
  • Muscle energy technique
  • Dry needling

To maximize the effects of the manual physical therapy, a home exercise program will be taught. The goal of the home program is to reinforce the hands-on work done by your therapist.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation Services

We offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program for post-surgical procedures. We make it a priority to educate our patients about their procedure and healing process to give them the tools to help themselves. Post-operative care is performed at the highest therapeutic level with protection of the patient and preservation of function as the primary goals. Our therapists want to achieve the fastest possible recovery without endangering the surgical repair or the patient’s safety. Regular communication with the surgeon is of the utmost importance and always allows the patient excellent outcomes. We only see patients in one-to-one treatment sessions and are committed to quality customer service and promoting our physician and patient relationships. Protocols are followed for individual surgeons.