Sports Medicine Therapy and Rehabilitation

A return to sport is an athlete’s number one goal. If you’ve been injured, we can help. Our sports medicine therapy and rehabilitation methods were designed to help you reach a positive outcome. Utilizing sport and musculoskeletal analysis, our specially trained staff will determine exactly what therapy methods are needed to get you back in the game.

A sport-specific rehabilitation program is initiated after a comprehensive physical therapy evaluation. Each athlete has particular strengths and weaknesses that are unique to that individual. Often chronic injuries that require treatment are a result of a mechanical breakdown in the body. Compensatory movements can affect your performance and lead to chronic musculo-skeletal injury.

Our staff prides itself on comprehensive specialized treatment of the athlete and feels that addressing your specialized needs allows for a greater level of success in your rehabilitation.

Your sports medicine therapy and rehabilitation includes:

  • Plyometrics Core strength training
  • Neuromuscular facilitation of multiple joints
  • Unilateral balance and stabilization
  • Speed and agility work
  • Interval training
  • Weight lifting education
  • Off and on season program set-up

Looking for Sports Medicine Therapy and Rehabilitation?

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