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Shoulder Surgery Rehab Therapy Boulder

If you have had shoulder surgery, it will take time to heal.  Shoulder surgery rehab can speed up the healing process.  Our physical therapists assist in the recovery process by helping to relieve pain making the joint more mobile  to help you regain the use of the injured area.  Locally owned and operated, North Boulder Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation LLC provide shoulder surgery rehab therapy in Boulder.
Home exercises and self-care are an important part of every patient’s treatment.  Our PT’s take the time to teach patients what to do to shorten their rehabilitation time.  With our state of the art equipment and our knowledgeable physical therapists, we make your shoulder surgery rehab a positive experience.
As one of the largest privately owned PT clinics in Colorado, we have 20 physical and hand therapists. Our PT’s have your best interest at heart and offer caring compassionate care and treatment.  Call one of our two locations today if you are looking for shoulder surgery rehab therapy in Boulder.

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