Get to Know Our Physical Therapy Methods

July 14, 2020

Get to Know Our Physical Therapy MethodsDo you wonder what we do at North Boulder Physical Therapy in Boulder? Then you should get to know our physical therapy methods because most people at some point will need physical therapy. We can help with recovery after surgery, carpal tunnel, low back aches, knee pain, sports injuries, incontinence, lymphedema, balance and fall prevention, headaches, mild stroke, Parkinson’s, and even diabetic neuropathy, among so many other conditions.

When you come to our licensed and experienced specialists, you’ll find the support you need to prevent or recover from a chronic or acute condition, genetic dysfunction, age-related degeneration and more. We’ll provide a full evaluation, along with a plan to address pain, improve function and restore mobility.

We treat patients of all ages and abilities using manual therapy techniques along with therapeutic exercises. With the help of North Boulder Physical Therapy, you can:

  • Maximize your mobility, ensure greater independence and quality of life
  • Manage issues like diabetes, heart and lung disease or vascular ailments
  • Reduce or eliminate pain in place of using dangerous drugs and opioids
  • Recover faster from a sports injury or surgery and reducing risk of relapse
  • Help with women’s health issues, age-related issues, stroke and more

The first thing we need to do is assess your condition and see what’s wrong. Armed with cutting edge equipment and our extensive knowledge and training, our therapists can help diagnose and treat many common ailments and movement disorders.

The Assessment

We will evaluate your situation by asking you questions. We may be able to temporarily relieve your pain, but our goal is to find the cause of the problem and work toward long-term solutions. We will examine the area of concern, we may request additional tests and we will work with your doctor towards a solid medical diagnosis. After we have all the information we will develop a treatment plan.

The Treatment

Of course, treatment varies on a case-by-case basis. Your treatment will be individualized to your needs and goals.

Your treatment could include passive modalities like ice, heat, laser therapy, and electrical stimulation and many others. It will also include manual therapy like massage, stretching, and exercise and other methods that help restore tissue function.

Every plan is different and your therapy may last a few weeks to a few months. We also provide training so you can continue some of the therapy, like exercises, at home.

We offer a wide variety of therapies, but let’s talk about some of the most effective treatment methods we specialize in at North Boulder Physical Therapy.

Manual Therapy

This is used for almost all injuries to allow you to move better and is often an important part of your therapy plan. It involves stretching, massage, and hands-on strengthening exercises to reintroduce the body back to proper movement and mechanics.

Low-Level Laser

Therapy for muscular or connective tissue injuries often uses low-level laser treatments. This involves using wavelengths of light to stimulate healing. It can reduce inflammation, muscle fatigue, and pain, and lets our therapist move the affected joint with less discomfort.


This type of treatment works on injuries that involve muscular spasms or tightness. Applying heat helps relieve pain and increase mobility after some injuries involving soft tissue like muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Heat makes the tissue more pliable, which allows our therapist to stretch the affected area.


This works for injuries that have inflammation and swelling. Ice is often used as part of a treatment for an injury. It constricts blood vessels after it is applied. Ice can help reduce and prevent inflammation and reduce swelling in soft tissue injuries. It also helps with joint mobility and enhances manual therapy.

Functional Electrical Stimulation

If you need to restore muscular strength, functional electrical stimulation may be part of your treatment. It’s called ESTIM and it is used to restore muscular function if you have suffered a traumatic injury. It gives minor but steady electrical stimulus and causes contractions from muscles that are not working. The goal is to restore proper movement and function.


Therapy involving ultrasound is good for connective tissue injuries. The sound waves generate heat deep into the body and loosen up tissues to improve the success of manual therapy or exercise. We use a wand to apply the sound waves directly to the area.


This is used for herniated discs. By separating vertebrae, traction allows more space for nerves and less compression on disc cartilage.


Most therapy will use exercise after almost every injury to treat and prevent pain. The particular exercises are chosen to help you move better by strengthening targeted muscles and addressing any muscular imbalances.

If helps to get to know our physical therapy methods, so you can get the most from our your treatment. At North Boulder Physical Therapy in Golden, Boulder, and Westminster, we listen to you. We work to understand your condition and your needs and how we can best help you. We believe there’s almost no limit as to what we can accomplish together. Contact us today to schedule your appointment.