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Treating Pain with Physical Therapy Instead of Meds


Treating Pain with Physical Therapy Instead of MedsIf you want to try treating pain with physical therapy instead of meds, North Boulder Physical Therapy can help you. We will develop an individualized program that will help you achieve your goals, including pain reduction. We believe in using the most advanced therapies, as well as educating patients on self-care techniques and exercises.

According to a My Central Jersey news article, medication may mask the pain, but usually, as soon as the meds wear off, the pain comes back. With physical therapy, we try to improve your body’s well being and relieve the cause of your pain without the side effects of medications.

Long-term solution

Whether you suffer headaches or are recovering from an athletic injury, pain can stop you from doing the things you need to do like working and taking care of your home and family. So when you feel the pain, you often go right to medication, hoping it will give you the easiest and fastest relief. But that is a short-term solution and doesn’t ever really solve the problem. In fact, pain medication can bring additional problems including dependency.

That’s why it’s time for you to try a new way of treating your pain. Physical therapy may be a way to get your body stronger, increase your overall health and help reduce your pain. Sometimes your pain may stop you from getting the exercise you need, often even keep you in bed. This inactivity over time can leave you weak and worsen your pain problems. Physical therapy along with an ongoing fitness regimen like pilates works to ease the tension, pain and stress your body is feeling, but also make your body stronger with a more long-term solution.

Side effects

Although we know that taking medication can relieve some of our aches and pains rather quickly, we also know that many medications can create many side effects. Sometimes the side effects are worse than the original issue and just adds troubles to a life controlled by medical problems. Painkillers are known to cause constipation, drowsiness, stomach upset, weakness, depression and even a compromised immune system. Adding more complications to your health is not a positive step toward your wellness.

On the other hand, physical therapy doesn’t bring negative side effects. In fact, physical therapy often helps relieve the side effects of painkillers as well. At North Boulder Physical Therapy you will receive physical therapy that might include pain relief exercises, low-impact aerobic training, strengthening exercises, as well as using ice and heat packs, massages, and spinal cord stimulation. We will work with you and your doctors to make sure our efforts are safe, individualized, and improve your condition.

Medication Abuse

As we mentioned earlier, medication, although it can provide some relief for your pain, it can also become very addictive. Millions of people in the United States abuse prescription drugs and often become addicted.

Our physical therapies focus on the goal of pain relief and are always done in a healthy, holistic environment, and without the reliance on medication. We will also teach you how to continue the positive habits in your life in a safe and effective way that can help you live a pain free life.

Isn’t it time you try treating pain with physical therapy instead of meds? Our therapists at North Boulder Physical Therapy are ready to help you reach your goal of pain elimination. We offer a broad spectrum of options, including geriatric and occupational physical therapy.

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